Leather fetish: scent and other sensations

The tantalizing scent of leather is one of the few things that draws me quickly into subspace. About a week ago, I was relaxing on our comfortable bed after Sir had left me with a beloved warm glow on my ass cheeks from our suede flogger. I inhaled deeply, the flogger smelling like new expensive women’s shoes, was still laying next to me. A sigh escaped my lips, as I completely fell in love all over again with that scent, as I do every time. This is when I openly talked with him about my admiration for leather, and as I mentioned everything I enjoy so much about it, I realized I’m developing quite a fetish for it. Even Snowy adores leather, as you can see in the photograph!

Leather fetish; more than an outfit..

Inhaling the divine scent of good leather is something I’ve been doing since I was a young girl, especially when I’d walk into the leather store every now and again. It has always had a comforting effect on me. On that note, I envy the artisans who make leather gear. It must be heavenly to be working in an environment smelling of leather!
I’ve never been into wearing leather clothing though, however, I still daydream about being cinched into a leather overbust corset one day, or seeing my Sir in a pair of leather pants (matte ones, though.. I’ve never been attracted to any kind of men’s clothing made of a shiny material, leather or otherwise), and I have to admit I have a weakness for leather gloves, worn by both men and women. They just radiate dominance, in my opinion. And when Sir and I had only recently met, I caught myself glancing at his leather boots, over and over. I didn’t think much of it back then, but everything just clicked the day I first kissed those boots, and still find the memory of that very moment deeply arousing.

Sensation play

Since our flogger collection is building up, we are also experimenting with their different sensations. I’m not talking about pain now.. there’s much more you can do with a flogger than inflict pain. One thing I derive much pleasure from, is the differences between different kinds of leather. While I said that the scent of our suede flogger strongly reminds me of luxury women’s shoes, the scent of our other favorite is much more natural, primal almost, and comes closest to aroma of a Western saddle. The differences in how they smell make them excellent for sensation play.
I encourage you to try and incorporate it in your session sometime, by blindfolding the submissive, and making him or her smell the flogger before you strike. That way, the submissive will know (or be able to guess, depending on how many floggers you have) what to expect.. unless you confuse him or her by presenting the one flogger first, but strike with the other. A surprise element is often appreciated.
Another characteristic of leather that really does it for me, is what it feels like when it touches my skin. While suede has a more delicate texture, I prefer the soothing feeling of finished leather against my skin. This is the very reason I want leather seats in our car..!

Having discovered the joys of leather, from scent to texture, to the multitude of BDSM gear made from leather, it’s just one thing I want more of in my life.

So since my leather fetish is mainly about the scent of it, is there one you find particularly arousing? Or, if you have a leather fetish, what is it that you love so much about leather? I’d love to hear from you.. share your thoughts on it by leaving a comment below.

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