Review: Jeweled Glass Butt Plugs by Crystal Delights

In the past, we were never really interested in butt plugs. We would skip the “anal” category when shopping, mostly because previously anal play had been uncomfortable, and the toys we had seen all seemed so.. unattractive. Although, that opinion changed when we discovered Crystal Delights’ website. Glass butt plugs with Swarovski embedded in the base!?

Now, for you to be able to fully understand the kind of attraction I have towards these glass butt plugs, I need to tell you about a memory from my childhood. My grandfather used to be an avid collector of Swarovski figurines. Whenever the late afternoon sun shined through the figurines, tiny little rainbows would appear scattered across the living room. That is where my love for Swarovski came from, the reason anything related to it will always have a special place in my heart. Or, in this case.. a special place somewhere else!

The clear glass butt plug is available in our store for $74.95. The Colors Against Cancer butt plug is available through my personal shopping service for $99.95.

Product specifications

Materials: Borosilicate glass & Swarovski crystal
Bulb diameter: 1.3″ / 3.3 cm
Insertable length: 2.8″ / 7.1 cm
Plug length: 3.3″ / 8.4 cm
Weight: 3.4oz / 96.4 grams
Borosilicate glass is known for being resistant to very high or low temperatures. It is also harder to break than normal glass, and in case it would happen, it would break in large pieces rather than shattering into small ones. Swarovski crystals are man-made gems manufactured in Austria. In the late 1800′s, Daniel Swarovski discovered a formula for making beautiful, high quality lead glass crystals. Now they are the most recognized crystals in the world.

Shipping & packaging

Our glass butt plugs were shipped together with our Crystal Minx Black Fox Tail Plug, and arrived after a couple of weeks in a discreet box. Crystal Delights puts “Virtually About LLC” on the box as sender, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out the nature of the contents.
We find the packaging rather special. All of the glass butt plugs from Crystal Delights (except for the tails) come in a beautiful black, padded satin pouch with Jacquard print. Two black elastics on the sides make sure it stays closed. We think it’s wonderful when a storage pouch is given for free with purchase. Personally we like them on display in our bedroom, so we can admire their sparkle as often as we wish.
The combination of the satin pouch and the added bubble wrap ensured our new glass butt plugs arrived safely and in absolute perfect condition.

First impression

As soon as they arrived Sir came to show me our new sparkling toys, as I couldn’t wait to see them. I was impressed with the beauty of the two glass butt plugs when he revealed them to me. The glass feels incredibly smooth, and has a nice weight to it. And then, the Swarovski embedded in the base.. reflecting various colors as the light plays on the crystal. The lemon color is a mix of yellow, pink orange and green. The Colors Against Cancer line looks best in low lighting, showing purple, green and blues. The cobalt glass that Swarovski element is embedded has a royal look to it. You almost can’t see though the thicker parts of the plug, but light can shine though the outer parts, revealing that luscious deep blue. Bean Fiddler once mentioned she just wanted to play with hers in her hand, looking at all that sparkle. We feel exactly the same way.


We had already read up on the best way to insert a butt plug prior to giving our fox tail plug a go. If you’d like to know how we insert our glass butt plugs, read this review. When inserting one, it feels most intense when reaching the widest point of the bulb, very erotic and an instant turn on. When it goes past the widest point, it slides in by itself, causing a cooling sensation, which I’ve grown to love.
If you prefer your toy at room temperature, make sure to lay it in warm water prior to insertion. I have worn one of the plugs once when it was heated up, and although it felt nice, I just don’t think it’s my thing. I prefer the plug at it’s normal temperature, which is cool, but not cold. It’s almost summer here in South Africa though, and I’m sure we’ll lay it on ice sometime to see what it feel like. I can imagine it to be very.. refreshing.
I enjoy wearing either of our glass butt plugs around the house, either when Sir is around or when I feel like wearing it privately under my clothes. I’ve worn them comfortably for hours at a time when lounging, dancing or when doing chores around the house. Doing so definitely makes the chores less of a bore.
But honestly, when we both enjoy them most, is when I wear one during sex. Sir told me that making love to me while I wear one is a very intense experience for him, and it feels as if I’m tighter. It’s also very enjoyable for me, as the combination of his manhood and a glass butt plug fills me up very nicely. It stays in place no matter what we do, which is a big plus! Wearing our plugs has changed my feelings about anal play from being hesitant to being way more open to it. Now, I’m far more relaxed when being anally penetrated. The clear plug is the smallest size (the cobalt one only comes in one size), and I wonder how it would feel to wear a medium-sized one when making love. We’ve also experimented with other toys while I was wearing one of the plugs, but that felt quite harsh, especially when using a glass dildo.
The wide base makes it very easy to remove the plug whenever we wish. It’s just a matter of grasping it and gently, steadily pulling it out.

Taking care of our glass butt plug

When people ask me why I would recommend a glass butt plug over others, I have two important things to say. The first one being, that because it’s a solid material it slides in really easily. The second one is.. cleaning glass is a breeze! All we do is wash it with some warm, soapy water, which literally takes seconds. If you have one of these glass butt plugs or are considering to get one, and are wondering how to sterilize it, here is how. Take a lint-free towel and either peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution, and wipe it down. That’s it! Your glass plug will be free from any bacteria and safe to share. Do not boil a jeweled butt plug as you may do with other glass toys, as that may damage the Swarovski element.
On their website, Crystal Delights states their glass butt plugs are made to last a lifetime, use your pouch to ensure it does. It really helps to keep our toys dust free and protects them from bumping against other glass toys in the drawer. I honestly wish we had a storage pouch that is as nice as this one for every toy we own.

The good

  • Quality. Made to last a lifetime.
  • Compability. Use it with any lubricant you like.
  • Texture. The smoothness of the glass makes it easy to insert and remove.
  • Design. Swarovski and glass. Such an exquisite combination.
  • Aesthetics. Annually, 10% of profits of the Colors Against Cancer is donated to charity.
  • Wearability. Around the house, during sex or under your clothes.
  • Care. Non-porous and no little ridges, very easy to clean.

To consider

  • Material. Glass can break, but I suppose you handle all of your toys with care, right?

Final verdict

I’m not going to be modest: we adore these two gorgeous sparkly plugs! They are not just butt plugs, they are jewelery for one of your most intimate places. We really like them for how comfortable they are to wear, and for the tiny rainbows appearing on the wall when holding them in the light. It’s also great for people to be able to support cancer charities in a sexy way. Sir literally said he would recommend one to every couple, because of what wearing one has done for both of usIf you’ve been playing with the thought of wearing a butt plug, go and get one (a small one, if it’s your first, or a larger one, if you’re experienced in anal play).

Disclaimer: Shellie, the owner of Crystal Delights, was so generous to provide us with the two glass butt plugs in exchange for an honest, and open review. This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.
Maybe some of you wonder: “Can someone who is selling a certain toy, write an honest review about it?” 
The answer is: yes, of course. We’re very selective when it comes to artisans we work with, and spend a lot of time researching them before we even consider showcasing their products in our shop, ensuring we can offer you the very best. Sometimes, the artisans provide us with toys to try out for ourselves. So, why not write about how the products worked for us? Honestly, we would never sell products we do not believe in, and that have not proven to have worked for others! And in the rare case a product disappoints us after testing it, we would stop selling it immediately.

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