Review: Leather Mea Culpa Flogger by Sex and Metal

We were thrilled when Sex and Metal asked us to review some BDSM gear. When we were asked to choose something from the website we were interested in, we spent quite some time looking at all their toys. They have quite a large range of steel handle floggers, all differing from each other, whether in handle design, length or materials used. After comparing some of them, one stood out for us: the Mea Culpa. We admired the design, of course, but we really wanted it in our personal collection because of what Mea Culpa means: ‘through my fault’.
The leather tailed Mea Culpa flogger is available via the Sex and Metal website, and is currently on sale for $89.99 instead of the usual price of $119.99. The handle comes in two shades: candy apple red, and natural steel.

Product specifications

Materials: raw powder coated steel and finished leather (cow hide)
Handle length: 22.9 cm / 9″
Length of tails: 55.9 cm / 22″
Width of tails: 1.3 cm / 0.5″
Number of tails: 20
Weight: 382 gr / 13.5 oz

Shipping & packaging

Our new Mea Culpa flogger arrived in a sturdy brown box, labeled as “metal handle” for customs procedures. It says it’s from S.A.M. so unless someone is actually familiar with Sex and Metal, others will not know where your package came from. The flogger itself was protected during transit by many layers of brown paper, and arrived in perfect condition.
Just a little note on shipping: it’s free inside the USA, but if you’re international, you can send Sex and Metal an e-mail asking for a cheaper shipping option. Otherwise, you’ll pay a high fee for it, since the only option listed on the website is Priority Express.

First impression

It has become a ritual of ours to deeply inhale the scent of the product when we first hold it in our hands. We breathed in the smell of the tails (which have a smooth leather and a suede side), and were pleased to smell quite a strong leather scent, reminding us of lovely, leather shoes.
A beautiful design is an absolute must for us, in order to really like a flogger.. well, any toy, really. And when it comes to looks, the floggers from Sex and Metal are unique. We’re never seen anything like them before. We find the glossy steel very attractive, and the way the twisted wire spirals around the handle is elegant. The spikes give it a masculine touch, keeping it unisex. We could easily see both men and women wielding the Mea Culpa. The weld spots that hold the handle design together is neatly done and there are no sharp edges, having compared it to the website picture it looks the same.
Sex and Metal states: “This is exactly the type of flogger that Christian Grey would use on Anastasia Steele in the book 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James.” We’ve not read the books, so we can’t confirm. If you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades books it’s a plus, and we can imagine it being quite a turn-on for the submissives who have read the books.. being flogged with a flogger looking like the one Mr. Grey used on Anastasia.

Pain, pleasure or both?

When being flogged for the first time with the Mea Culpa, I immediately noticed a big difference compared to our other floggers: the tails are much lighter. The thickness and width of the leather tails is similar to the tails of the other floggers we own, but there are less tails, and they are shorter, causing different sensations than we were used to. There is no thud to be felt, but instead, a lighter sting. But when I say “lighter”, it does not mean this is flogger can’t be used for some very intense flogging. It will take more effort though, to really give a heavy flogging with this one, which makes it great for beginners. Initially I was skeptical about the ball not having a larger diameter than the shaft, but the the handle offers a lot of grip due to the spiral wire design. The sound of this flogger is an absolutely incredible turn on, and surprisingly loud for a lightweight flogger like this.
The biggest benefit of this flogger, for us personally, is the length of the tails. With their 22″ length, there is only a difference of a couple of inches compared to our other floggers, but it makes a major difference when wielding it during intercourse. Hitting the breasts or ass cheeks with this one while having sex is no problem at all, which is a huge bonus. It also makes this a good flogger for those people who don’t have a large bed- or playroom, as you’re much less likely to accidentally hit something else than your partner.
We’d like to see one small change made to the design though: the placement of the two metal pins. Because they are attached to the end of the handle (where the tails begin), if you’re not careful, you may hit your partner with the pins, which is what happened to us. It hurt a bit, not too much, but it was not the kind of pain we were looking for. We do like the look of the pins in combination with the wire, but sadly, for us just not that practical the way they are placed. Luckily they took a tiny bit of the tip of the spikes off, making them less sharp.
Floggers are amazing for sensation play (especially when blindfolding the submissive), and this one is no different. The Mea Culpa has even more possibilities, because it has a handle made of steel instead of braided leather. This makes it excellent for teasing, using the temperature difference between the warmest areas of the body and the cool powder coated steel. Rubbing that cold little ball over the most sensitive areas is definitely something you should give a go. Careful insertion, and small movements to avoid damage to soft flesh was a huge plus too.  And of course, relaxing on the bed, blindfolded, and having your partner trace your body with the tails, is also a sensation you should not underestimate. This flogger is a great starter, or alternative to leather handled flogger.

Taking care of our Mea Culpa flogger

When not in use, our new flogger lives in a dark drawer. We prefer to hang our floggers up, but this one doesn’t have a loop attached, so we store it laying down.
We still plan to treat all our leather gear with some leather food some time. We’ve had some body fluids drench the handle, and they were rinsed off easily by holding the handle under running water.

The good

– Meaning. It’s just such a nice little extra touch.
– Design. Absolutely gorgeous, and different from everything else out there.
– Length. Easy to use during sex, or in a smaller bedroom.
– Weight. Needing quite a bit of force to make a big impact, this makes an excellent flogger for beginners.
– Scent. What more do we need to say?
– Usability. Excellent for some erotic sensation play.

To consider

– Pins. You may hurt your partner with them, if you aren’t careful.
– Storage. Minor downside, should you prefer to hang your floggers up.

Final verdict

This flogger would make a great addition to the collection of those who prefer a sharper pain over thud. It’s beautiful, it smells heavenly, and it’s unique.

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Disclaimer: Mea Culpa flogger was generously sent to us by Jolyon from Sex and Metal for consideration, however, we still formed our opinion on it as if we would have purchased it ourselves. We write reviews because we believe we should educate and inform our clients, so when they purchase a product, it’s exactly what they are looking for.

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